Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy at Days of Future Past world premiere in London.

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sweet <3

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How many times have you had sex with Michael Fassbender? Four.

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#THIS IS MY MUTANT HUSBAND | From this new clip; “Magneto” Power Piece (x)

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#best reaction to a zombie in the history of zombie movies

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Tom Hiddleston getting guitar lessons from my friends dad, Pat Buchanan. (x)

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Quicksilver + face appreciation

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23rd of March: OTP

There wasn’t really much of a choice, was there? These two are lovely together - what little we see of them, and their “See me” spiel entertains me to no end.
No runners-up. I challenge you to come up with a witty (or unpopular) alternative. Other than Canadian!Boyfriend maybe.

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